One of my favourite things to do is get up in front of people and ask them the hard questions. Not just because I like to stir the pot, but also because it is my ardent belief that without asking ourselves the big questions, we cannot get out of the head space we are currently in.pexels-photo-64057

When we ask ourselves “Why”, “Why Not?” and “How’s this working out for you?” we open up our minds to give us the answers we need. I don’t see myself as some one who tells you what you need to do. I would rather give you the opportunity to find those answers out for yourself.

When speaking to larger groups, it gives me the opportunity to speak to more people and reach and change more lives.

From young people in schools, to prisoners, to sports teams, chefs and lawyers, I love speaking to people from all walks of life. Because when it comes down to it we all share the same goals of living happily, doing fulfilling work and achieving our goals. While all of us have these goals, we all also create similar roadblocks in our own minds.


That’s where I come in. Whether it be Keynote Speeches, half or full day workshops or longer 3 to 5 day retreats, my goal is to give everyone who sees me something to take away and think about. If you don’t leave without having some kind of change in your thinking, and leading you to break through the walls you have created in your mind, then I haven’t done my job properly. If that happens, I will sit down one on one with you and help you make the change you came for.

To find out more or to book me for your organisation’s next event, contact us at info@realworldconsultants.com