Welcome to this week’s blog post! Today I’m going to talk to you about something that means a lot to me. That is your responcibility to do what needs to be done.

A lot of the time I talk about the more philosophical side of personal development. So for a change, we are going to talk about the more practical side. I get that if you are not happy in your job, getting up and walking out is exactly what you want to do. But something you can’t do that. Various reasons could be at play, bills you’ve gotta pay, maybe you’ve got a family obligation or child support. Maybe you’re supporting a sick family member, or paying off debts. Basically, there are things that are forcing you to stay in a job that you’re not happy in. Then you hear me talking about building your dreams and you might be like “but I have bills to pay”. Despite the fact you know would be significantly happier being in a different industry, working for yourself, studying to do something you’ve always wanted to do. But you feel you can’t.

Here are my thoughts on that.

I get it! I absolutely understand that in the real world, you can’t leave tomorrow. This is where hard work and you positive mindset comes in to play. I am a huge huge fan of actually putting the work in. It’s great for self esteem; when you get to the end point you can go “yeah, I really worked my ass off to make this happen and I’m proud of myself.” Don’t get put off by the idea of having to work hard to make your dreams come true.

Owning your own business, changing careers, building yoir dreams, that’s all hard stuff! You’ll have to get ready to be out of your comfort zone because it forces you to. When your priorities are right and youe dreams a huge, it’s just the way it is.

Let me give you an example from my life.

At the moment I am building a business coaching business, writing a book, creating a podcast and posting outrageous amounts on all my social media pages. All so you guys get some value from me. Maybe one or two of may want to engage my services becaise of something i do here. If not that’s cool. Keep reading this Blog, keep checking out the podcasts, and liking the insta posts, so long as your getting something from it I’m happy. But at this stage in my business I can’t afford to leave my job in hospitality. Simple as that. I have to keep working because I live in the real world too. I have rent to pay, I have children, I have pets, I have debts; all that real world stuff. And yes, sometimes I get frustrated by the fact that I can’t be working with people one on one, or in groups and improving peoples lives full time but right now I can’t. It’s just the fact of the matter. What’s the point in complaining about it, that’s not going to change anything.

So instead, I work my ass off. Right now I’m writing this at a country pub in North Eastern Victoria because I was doing a favour for a mate. I drove him the 3 and a half hours to some work he had picked up for the weekend. For a modest fee of course. Talking to the boss, I found out that he was short staffed in his Bistro for the night so I offered my services. After i finish here I’ll drive back because tomorrow in my home town of Geelong working behind the coffee machine for another cafe that was short staffed for tomorrow and then come Monday morning I’ll be working on my business. In fact, right now waiting to start work I’m working on my business. I get home from work, I work on my business. Before I go to work, I work on my business. Every spare minute I’ve got, I work on building my business. I’m building my dreams, my future, doing what needs to be done in the real world now so I can do what I want to do later.

That’s really the takeaway I’d like you to get from this. That dreams are hugely important and I’ll always be on you to chase yours. But equally important is taking care of what needs to be taken care of on the daily in the real world.

You’re just not going to succeed at building a future you want if your life falls apart before you get there. If you get evicted from your house and you go hungry and that’s what you’re prepared to do to make it thats cool; but if you need your “day job”, if you have real world responsibilities, you need to be aware you’re going to have to work your ass off. Make your noney to cover costs then spend every spare minute you can making your goals happen. Maybe you’ve got to eat dirt for the next 5 years but it will be worth it. Play the long game, your patience will be rewarded.

Now Get Up, Get Out The and Get Awesome

I know you can do it cause if I can, anyone can.

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