I got asked this question the other day “So who are you? What do you do?”. The funny thing is that I ask this question so often of other people, it had been a while since I had asked myself.

I’ve been so focused on trying to get anyone to hear me, I began to forget what I was trying to say. So much so, that i felt as though I may not be helping anyone.

Its time to refocus. Time to go deep and speak my truth again. That way I can help make real change in people’s lives.

Here’s what I came up with;

I ask hard questions. When it all boils down to it, that’s what I do. I deploy simple questions that force you to go deep into yourself to answer. I also won’t take shallow, surface responses. I push till we get to what’s real. That way what we find out together is what’s actually holding you back from living your dream. Not the bullshit stories you tell yourself, you friends and family, but the real stuff. The real reasons you haven’t followed the path you always wanted to.

I do this because I know how those stories work. I know because I was the guy going nowhere, blaming others for my lack of movement. For the longest time I was full of those stories, the nightmare tales we tell about our lives, never actually taking responsibility to change it. I blamed everyone/everything around me for my lack of success. Not in a critical way though, a more subtle but ultimately as destructive way. I told myself that “This was just the way it was”, that I “just had to keep going and things would get better.” But they didn’t. You know why? Because I didn’t do a damn thing to change any part of my life. No wonder nothing changed.

It took a few major incidents caused by external forces for me to realise that I need to take control of my life. It may not have been my fault some of those things happened, but it sure as hell was my responcibilty to learn and grow from it.

This I why I am here today. It’s the why behind everything I do. It’s why I write blog pieces, create and curate content on Instagram and Facebook, why I’ve started shooting videos and have begun putting together a podcast.

I am on a mission, a crusade to help as many people realise that it is up to them to create the life they want. I need to show people that they are not at the whims of fate but that fate is mearly the result of the lessons you learn and how you take that knowledge moving forward. I don’t want anyone to have to learn the these lessons the hard way. Life is going to challange is all enough, why make it harder on ourselves?

That is who I am.

I’m the guy who is going to call you on your stories of why you can’t and show you why you should.

So, in conclusion, I have one final question for you, dear reader; who are you?

As always,

Get Up, Get Out There and Get Awesome!

And stop lying to yourself, your life is down to your choices, no one elses.

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