Setbacks. They happen to everyone, from CEOs and company directors, to cleaners, waiters, teachers, students, lovers amd fighters. There is now escaping the little (or enormous) potholes on the road of life.

Knowing this, doesn’t it seem stramge that some people’s “potholes” send them careening into the trees? Meanwhile others simply take the bump and keep driving down the road, seemingly barely noticing anything untoward happened at all?

The answer, as always, is in their mindset.

Keeping with the road metaphor, the difference between the 2 drivers is how they reacted to the pothole.

Driver 1, when confronted with the pothole, seemingly lost all ability to adjust their driving and keep going. They over corrected, slamming the steering wheel from left to right amd back again. Hitting the brakes suddenly, swerving this way amd that; ultimately losing all control of their car and ending up in a ditch that is very difficult to get out of.

Driver 2, on the other hand, hit the same pothole, but didn’t end up in the ditch like Driver 1. Why? Because instead of over reacting to the bump in the road, they kept their eye on the road ahead, made slight adjusts, kept their momentum and continued on their journey as planned. They didn’t let a small hiccup derail their plans, they made the small chamges in their driving needed but were considered and gental about it, rather than making rash over reactions. That’s what kept them on the road.

Now when it comes to setbacks in our own lives, whether that be in business, health or relationships, it is very easy to jump to snap decisions, rash responces and overreactions that don’t serve us. It’s understandable. If we are emotionally invested in the outcome, when something pops up that seemingly threatens that, we will instinctively try to protect it however we can.

But more often than not, those “hot take” reactions are not the most helpful and are more driven by fear than by wisdom. If you endeavor to be more like Driver 2, making the small adjustments needed in the moment and remaining focused on the road head rather than the momentary issue, you will find that so called “setbacks” can actually be sign posts of what needs to be improved (like the tarmac on the road) and not nessesarily the instigator that leads you to going completely off you path.

It takes practice but the more focused on your goal you are, and the more you believe in your ability to get there, the easier it will become to navigate the little potholes and bumps in the road we call life.

Good luck out there and don’t let rash decisions derail your progress.

As always

Get Up, Get Out There and Get Awesome

And take a breathe when you hit a setback, you’ll learn something out of it.

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