Its been pretty hard to write this one but I can’t put it off any longer. Today i want to talk about my friend. I don’t know if I’ll have any advice on how to deal or if this will be anything more use than a sort of eulogy for her, bit a writer has to write. So here goes.

Last week myself and a lot of my friends lost someone very dear to us. I’m not going to go into specifics because one, that’s the family’s business and too we still don’t know exactly what happened.

This is what i do know though; while we hadn’t hung out that much over the last year or so, it was always great to see her every time our paths crossed. She lit up the room with her laugh, her smile and the care she showed to everyone she knew. She was the life of the party, darting from one room to the other, pinching friends selfy sticks amd making videos with strangers, she was unpredictable amd alive! Always there for her mates, even when things got toigh for her. She never wanted anyone to worry about her problems, she just wanted to help with yours. She wasn’t perfect by any means but she was trying. She’d gotten sober, was looking well and seemed like she had not only made her way out of hell, she had grown from the experience.

My best friend and I actually saw her the night she passed. She was doing so well, happy and looking the healthiest I’d seen her in a long time. We both told her how much we were impressed with her journey and how proud we were of her. I’ll forever be glad of that opportunity, because though we didn’t know it at the time, our last chance to talk wasn’t complaining about jobs or the weather. It was a genuine, loving conversation between old friends. An opportunity to remind each other that we meant something in our respective lives and though we didn’t see each other as much any more, the bond was still there. It’s a bitter sweet memory but still it will be treasured.

I suppose the big thing to take away from this is you never know what may come tomorrow. You may be getting ready for work, scrolling through social media like normal, and wham! You find out you’ve lost someone. Or you may go to bed angry with your partner, and they don’t wake up the next day.

I know I’m sounding morbid but my point is this. Life is short. Shorter than anyone realises. Don’t wait for tomorrow to say sorry or I love you. Don’t put off reminding your lover they are cared for and important. Don’t regret not saying something when you had the chance. And you always have the chance, the only thing stopping you is your own excuses. These are just fear based reasoning with false ideas of potential outcomes. Tell them. Your partner, your friends, your family. Make sure they know how much they are loved amd appreciated. Because you never know when your last goodbye will be.

As always

Get Up, Get Out There and Get Awesome.

And go spread the love while you can.

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